Victorian Railways R Class 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive

Delivery Date: LATE 2013

Update: 9-August, 2013 Final assembly of the R class is underway and delivery is expected within six to eight weeks. The engine numbers that will be available “ex-factory” for the standard coal burners are: R 700, R 704, R 717, R 727, R730, R 740 and R 752.

Oil burners R 719 and R 748 along with preserved locomotives R 707 and R 761 will also be available ex-factory.

WCR locomotives R 711 and R 766 will not be available with this first run as it has been decided that to do the model properly a new tender top is required and the tooling for this is underway.

When the R class arrives Eureka will contact each person with an R class on order to confirm the postal address and order details before dispatching the order. Orders not fully paid by the 30th of August will attract the post delivery price which will be $660 for the basic unit.



HO scale VR R Class will feature:

Optional Sound!

Sound equiped models include factory fitted DCC chip Model, including sound effects, will operate with both DCC and standard 12v DC Non sound equiped models are DCC ready NMRA wheel profiles KadeeKadee trademark logo compatible couplers All wheel pick-up ABS Boiler and Tender Body  Detailed cab including crew

The first run will comprise:

Standard Coal Burner Numbers: R 700, R 717, R 727, R730, R 740 and R 752

Photo: Eureka collection

Festival of Britain display loco R 704

West Coast Railway R 711       R 766

Oil burners R 719       R 748

Photo: Eureka collection

Preserved locos R 707        R 761

All variations will be available with optional SOUND

Eureka Models – VR R Class Steam Locomotive – Pricing

Ordered and paid for by 31st March 2013                        $595.00

After delivery price :                                                                 $660.00

Factory Weathering – Optional Extra                     add $25.00

Factory QSI Sound – Optional Extra                       add $99.00

Postage :                                                                              add $10.00