Eureka Models – NSWGR Steam Era “W44”
GC Bogie Open Wagons

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Available in Packs of Five

Update 1-October-2014:

On Monday the 22nd of September 6 cubic metres of G wagons arrived at the Eureka Offices.
Distribution commenced immediately and anyone who has not received their orders
by the 1st of October should contact the Eureka Office.

The following is the break-up of the delivery:

– GC wagons in black in packs of 5. (Four different packs available) $275 per pack
– G wagons in black in packs of 2. (Two different packs available) $110 per pack
– HGM wagons in black or blue in packs of 2. $110 per pack
– NOGX wagons in red in packs of 2. $110 per pack

The G wagons were produced by Ivan in his factory and are of his usual high standard.

Above: Eureka Models’ Garrat 6026 at the head of W44
consisting of 16 GC Bogie ore wagons

Eureka’s steam era W44 features the first dedicated ore carrier, the GC. This was a subclass of the G wagon,
introduced in 1951, of which there were 500 vehicles. In 1961, to carry the lead ore from Broken Hill to Cockle Creek,
forty-eight G wagons had their underfloor hoppers and side doors sealed and were recoded GC, with a red corner post
to indicate the change. Later, a number were upgraded by the fitting of roller-bearing 2AS bogies, which required the
moving of the handbrake and ladder from the end to a central position.
Later still, 2CG bogies were fitted to many and finally the sides and floor were replaced entirely, without doors,
creating the GP type. W44 ran as a block train of sixteen wagons, with a loaded weight of 1020 tons, hauled
by two AD60 class Garratts between Molong and Orange, then a single Garratt to Lithgow, and two 46 class
over the Blue Mountains. As N645, it continued to Gosford, where a 36 and a Garratt took over for the final
run to Cockle Creek.


Above: W44 Concentrate Train with GC Bogie Open Wagons
headed by double AD60 Beyer Garratt steam locomotives