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Avaliable in Packs of Three

The BCWs were produced as a single project with the BSVs as they shared some common parts (the ends).
The BCWs were delivered in August, 2012 and the BSVs arrived in May 2013. The quality of both models and
the BSV in particular is generally regarded as being superb. The BSVs have long since sold out but some stocks
of BCWs in blue remain on hand. A re-run of both the BCWs and the BSVs are being planned currently with a probable
delivery sometime towards the end of 2021.

Eureka’s BCW model depicts the last batch of 100 cattle vans converted at Clyde Wagon Works from 1959-type sheep vans,
utilising the original bogies, ends, roof and underframes. New sides were fabricated from standard cattle van components,
but there were two bars in the upper area to compensate for the extra height compared to the 1959-type BCW.
Bogies varied, and Eureka is modelling the common 2AQ(AQA) type. The wagons were introduced in 1974
in PTC blue, which quickly faded and weathered to a light grey. Numbers were 30801-30900, code BCW,
later NSCF, and they were all out of service by the time that the railways ceased transporting cattle in 1989.
Eureka’s BSV depicts the standard bogie sheep van as introduced into service from 1959.
Two variations will be available. Vans coded BSV will have buffers whilst those coded
NSSF will be bufferless.