Target Delivery Date: Second Half 2013

Update 1-May-2013: Updated order form and flyer. Update 4-April-2013:

At last real progress is again being made on the 40 class with the factory recently sending a full set of paint samples for checking along with two running samples for testing. Long lead time items such as motors and gears have been prepared. The factory has not given a delivery date as yet but the third quarter of this year is looking good.

Above: A slightly weathered 4011 at the head of a five car HUB set.     
Photo: Ray Pilgrim


Above: A clean 4010 passes at the head of a goods.
Photo: Ray Pilgrim


HO scale 40 class will feature:

Optional Sound!

NMRA wheel profiles

Factory fitted sound option

All wheel pick-up

Directional Lighting

Operable on DC and DCC


Painted sample images:

4002 Painted Sample – Royal Blue

4006 Painted Sample – Tuscan Red

4009 Painted Sample – Green

The First Run will comprise of:

Locomotive Numbers and Types comprise of:

Original Green:

Type 2: 4009, 4010, 4012, 4019

Royal Blue:

Type 2: 4001, 4002

Tuscan Red:

Type 3: 4006, 4011, 4017, 4018

Type 2: Original condition with louvers with modified crosswise exhaust stack.

Type 3: Mesh instead of louvers and with crosswise exhaust stack.

All variations will be available with factory fitted sound and/or optional factory weathering