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The Eureka Times - 5th Edition

5th Edition

7th February 2005

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Eureka Times.


We have been pleasantly surprised at the reaction to the first four editions and will continue our endeavours to provide a record that is both informative and interesting to read.  Following many requests for back issues we have adopted the suggestion that each edition be archived to create a library for future readers.  Unfortunately, we did not anticipate the level of interest in “The Eureka Times” and did not keep electronic copies of the first three editions.  Therefore, if anyone has an electronic copy of the first three editions we would be pleased to receive a copy to complete our archives



THE 620/720s & AD60:

The design phase of both the 620/720 rail motors and the AD60 are now for all intent and purposes complete.  The final drawings for both models have been signed off and all modifications settled.  The only matter still being determined relates to the driving wheels of the AD60.  The manufacturer originally proposed that these be cast from zinc alloy before being turned to specification.  This we rejected out-right and insisted that the tyres be fitted with turned metal rims.  The manufacturer has accepted this and we are currently in discussion over what material the rims should be turned from.  The manufacturer is suggesting a brass tyre plated with either nickel or chrome.  We prefer a tyre turned from solid nickel bar.  Discussions are continuing but are not holding up the tooling process.


As you read this I would like to be able to report that work on the tooling for both models was progressing at full steam ahead.  However, Chinese manufacturing has closed down for a month for Chinese New Year and work will not resume effectively until the end of February.  When work does resume tooling for both the 620/720 and the AD60 will again get underway.  Anyone who criticises Australia for shutting down in January gets no sympathy here.  When work does resume we have been promised advice on when we can expect to see test shots for both models.  This will give us a better idea of how the anticipated delivery dates are holding up.


The AD60 Class Garratt –  a 3D Impression

isometric projection of our AD60 drawings
Factory produced isometric projection of our AD60 drawings, from which the model will be manufactured



THE AD60: 

Sound for the Garratt was relatively straight forward to organize through the support and co-operation of the leading provider of sound for model locomotives, the QSI Corporation of the US.  As previously reported, QSI will be supplying the sound system for the AD60 with the chips being factory installed in China.  The QSI system allows for the operation of sound in both conventional DC and DCC mode.  The chip senses what current is present on the track and responds accordingly.  The sound in the chip will be genuine Garratt sound burned into the chip including the distinct Garratt whistle which of course will be separately controllable.  We are currently preparing the sound files to be forwarded to the sound chip manufacturer in the US. The promised feature on the QSI sound system is still in preparation and hopefully will appear in the next issue.


THE 620/720s: 

After some negotiations, a bit of juggling and a considerable commitment of additional resources we can now announce that factory fitted sound will be available as an optional extra in the 620/720 rail motors.  The system, of course, will be the premier system supplied by the QSI Corporation and as such will work on both standard 12vDC and DCC with DCC users getting the bonus of DCC control. The cost will be $99 per unit (which will be the same price as sound for the AD60 after delivery).  Again, we have had to determine the number of sound equipped units now and whilst we have a better idea of the break up between sound and non-sound equipped units based on the AD60 experience the number ordered will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Those who have 620/720s on order and wish to take the sound option please advise us here at Eureka Models and a sound equipped unit will be reserved for you.  When the sound files for both the AD60 and the 620/720s are ready we will put them up here for everyone to hear.



We are proposing that the numbering of the 620/720 rail motors be as follows:

Colour Scheme

Set Numbers

Tuscan Red 621/721, 622/722, 624/724, 626,726 628/728
Indian Red 621/721, 622/722
Reverse 623/723, 624/724
Candy  625/725, 626/726


We will be producing a limited number of un-numbered rail motors if there is demand for these items. 


History of the AD60 class

Well known modeller and railway author, and friend of Eureka Models,
Ian Dunn
has prepared a short history of the AD60 class.
It can be found on the AD60 page.

Thanks Ian!


“As far as the future is concerned..........
it depends a lot on what happens.”

Syd Grange Olympic Federation President
as quoted in the 1981 Tautology Championship – Alex Buzo


The future, as far as Eureka Models’ is concerned will be clarified some what in the next edition of “The Eureka Times” which will contain an announcement of what will be our next project after the AD60.  The next edition is planned for a mid-March release.

Postage and delivery

We have finalized postage and delivery arrangements with Australia Post which will allow us to offer postage, receipted delivery and insurance anywhere in Australia for a flat $10. 

Pick-up facilities will be available.
More details when the delivery date is nearer.


Next Issue

QSI sound – an over-view.

A couple of exciting announcements!



We are getting plenty of feedback and comments mostly by email which we appreciate very much.  I try to answer all emails as quickly as possible but inevitable some replies are delayed.  My apologies for this but there are only so many hours in each day so hang on and you will get an answer.

Ron Cunningham



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