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The Eureka Times - 4th Edition

4th Edition

30th November 2004

Welcome to this the fourth edition of the Eureka Times.
I hope that the last three editions have been both interesting and informative.


The end of the Design Phase

THE 620/720s

As mentioned last edition, the full drawings for the 620/720 rail motors have arrived, been checked and returned to the manufacturer for modification.  These modifications have been finalized and the drawings have been signed off.



To the surprise of us all here at Eureka Models the first full set of drawings for the AD60 arrived just after the last edition went up on the web site.  The checking process started immediately and about a half a dozen minor modifications were sent back to the manufacturer.  The level of detail in the drawings is quite breath-taking with even the smallest item being fully dimensioned and detailed.  Extracts from a couple of the more than 50 drawings are attached.

The tender frame
The tender frame

Garratt air pump
Garratt air pump

Testing for clearance on curves and grades
Testing for clearance on curves and grades

The minimum radius has been confirmed at 18”. Directional lighting will be fitted with the problem of the front headlight being solved by mounting the light source in the tender and feeding it to the headlight via fibre optic cable.




Just prior to the Liverpool exhibition the details of the sound option for the Garratt were finalised with the QSI Corporation in the US.  QSI is the main supplier of sound systems in the US and is known for its work with the Broadway Limited Import group who supply a range of QSI sound equipped locomotives for the US market.  QSI will be supplying the sound system for the AD60 with the chips being factory installed in China.  The QSI system allows for the operation of sound in both conventional DC and DCC mode.  The chip senses what current is present on the track and responds accordingly.  The sound in the chip will be genuine Garratt sound burned into the chip including the distinct Garratt whistle which of course will be separately controllable.  We are currently preparing the sound files to be forwarded to the sound chip manufacturer in the US.  There has been a lot of interest and questions on how the sound works and how it is controlled particularly under conventional control.  We are preparing a feature on this which should appear in the next issue.  We may have another announcement to go with the feature.  Thanks to all those modellers who have shared their experiences with QSI sound in BLI locomotives.  It is much appreciated.  As indicated elsewhere sound for the Garratt will be available as an optional extra at a cost of $90 and as previously advised because of the long lead time in the production of the sound chips we have already had to order the number of chips we require.  This in effect means that the number of sound equipped Garratts will be limited to the number of sound chips that have already been ordered.  These will be allocated on a strict first come first served basis.


The 620/720s

As previously announced the 620/720s will come at least sound ready but we are still hopeful of being able to provide factory fitted sound as an optional extra.

More next issue


620 Class power car section
620 Class power car section


620/720 Reminder

To qualify for the pre-release discounted price of


full payment on all orders must be received at the 
Eureka Office by

31 December 2004



Provision is being made for at least two different set numbers in each of the colour schemes of the rail motors.  The only decision so far on numbers is that 628/728 will be one of the sets done in Tuscan Red.  The Garratt will have at least two model numbers in addition to the four already announced.  We intend to conduct a poll early next year amongst all those who have ordered models to determine what is the most favoured numbers.  The most popular numbers in each category will be the ones that we do.  If you have any preferences on numbers please let us know remembering that the model that we are producing suits sets 620/720 to 627/727.  We will be producing a limited number of un-numbered locomotives and rail motors if there is demand for these items.


Crew for the AD60

Rail Corp is not the only organization looking for train crew at the moment. Our AD60 will come with driver and fireman and the manufacturer has asked for a suitable model which I think we have located.  We will need to paint it appropriately and so if anyone out there has a photo of your average driver or fireman of the 1960s that we might copy we would like to see it.


The Cutting of Metal

Tooling on both models has commenced.  This places the 620/720 on schedule and the AD60 slightly ahead.  We are currently waiting for advice from the manufacturer on when we can expect to see test shots of both models.  We should have this information for the next edition.


“As far as the future is concerned..........
it depends a lot on what happens.”

Syd Grange Olympic Federation President
as quoted in the 1981 Tautology Championship – Alex Buzo


Thanks to all those who have enquired about our future program and offered suggestions.  As Syd Grange put it so well our future program will depend on what happens but we expect to announce our 2006 program, what ever it is, around March 2005.

Postage and delivery

There will be a small charge for postage, receipted delivery and insurance if required.  We expect this to be about $10 posted to anywhere in Australia but will advise when the weight of each model is known.  Pick-up facilities will be available.  More details when the delivery date is nearer.


Next Issue

Sound for the rail motors – the final decision.

The AD60 Class Garratt – A thumb nail history.

QSI sound – an over-view.

A couple of interesting announcements – perhaps..........



We are getting plenty of feedback and comments mostly by email which we appreciate very much.  I try to answer all emails as quickly as possible but inevitable some replies are delayed.  My apologies for this but there are only so many hours in each day so hang on and you will get an answer.

Ron Cunningham



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