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The Eureka Times - 3rd Edition

3rd Edition

25th October 2004

Welcome to this the third edition of The Eureka Times, which is our attempt to keep you up to date with developments in the long journey that has to be undertaken in order to bring a ready to run, injection moulded locomotive to market.


The Design Drawing Phase

The first set of full drawings for the 620/720 rail motors have arrived, been checked and returned to the manufacturers for modification.  As would be expected there are some changes which we want to have carried out but the overall accuracy and level of detail shown on the drawings is extremely high and none of the proposed modifications relate to the accuracy of the dimensions on the unit.  One of the participants in the checking process has spent most of his working life with State Rail (and its predecessors) working on rail motors.  He was able to go from one end of a car to the other identifying as he went the individual under floor detail items of the prototype all now represented on the drawings.  The 720 car has interior detailing to a similar high level and the 620 has interior detailing along the windows allowing for the motor, drive-shafts, speakers and gear towers which are primarily located down the centre of the car.  Directional lighting is also being provided.

The full drawings for the AD60 are not due for another six weeks but we are starting to see some drawings when design questions need to be being sorted out.   Here is a sample of the preliminary drawings.


AD60 drawing

The original drawings, which have been considerably reduced in size to fit on the web page, show a very high level of detail, which when reproduced in plastic and metal should make a very fine model indeed.

Once the checking process is complete the drawings can be signed off and the tooling process can start.

Both the 620/720s and the AD60 are on schedule at this stage.

With the 1st set of drawings for the 620/720 rail motors now complete we have received many 3D images, including this one.

620 CAD Front


Minimum Radius

The most frequently asked question regarding the Garratt still concerns the minimum radius that the model will negotiate. 

In the last edition of The Eureka Times we indicated that this was one of the issues to be determined in the design phase.  The drawings mentioned above relate  to the minimum radius and we have approved a minor departure from the prototype's dimensions which the manufacturer indicates will allow the model to traverse 18 inch radius curves.  This is below the 24 inch minimum that I had stated to the manufacturer as being acceptable but as mentioned in the last edition I felt all along that the manufacturer was aiming for less than 24 inches so it looks like an 18 inch minimum radius it will be.



Just prior to the Liverpool exhibition the details of the sound option for the Garratt were finalised with the QSI Corporation in the US. QSI is the main supplier of sound systems in the US and is known for its work with the Brooklyn Limited Import group who supply a range of QSI sound equipped locomotives for the US market.

QSI will be supplying the sound system for the AD60 with the chips being factory installed in China.  The QSI system allows for the operation of sound in both conventional DC and DCC mode.  The chip senses what current is present on the track and responds accordingly.  The sound in the chip will be genuine Garratt sound burned into the chip including the distinct Garratt whistle which of course will be separately controllable. 

As indicated elsewhere sound will be available as an optional extra at a cost of $90.
Because of the long lead time in the production of the sound chips we have already had to order the number of chips we require.  This in effect means that the number of sound equipped Garratts will be limited to the number of sound chips that have already been ordered.  These will be allocated on a strict first come first served basis.  Those with Garratts already on order will be given first preference and then any remaining sound equipped units will be offered to the general public.  Those with Garratts on order who have not already indicated their preference for sound will be contacted within the next week and be asked to indicate whether they want sound or not.  At the time of writing this edition of the Eureka Times, 20% of the sound equipped units were already reserved and this is before the general offer to existing purchases has been made.  Those purchasers who are on a regular payment plan and who order sound will be able to extend the payment deadline for the pre-order price to the 30th of June 2005 should they so wish.



Provision is being made for at least two different set numbers in each of the colour schemes of the railmotors.  The only decision so far on numbers is that 628/728 will be one of the sets done in Tuscan Red.  The Garratt will have at least two model numbers in addition to the four already announced.  We intend to conduct a poll early next year amongst all those who have ordered models to determine what is the most favoured numbers.  The post popular numbers in each category will be the ones that we do.



We are getting plenty of feedback and comments mostly by email which we appreciate very much. I try to answer all emails as quickly as possible but inevitable some replies are delayed. My apologies for this but there are only so many hours in each day so hang on and you will get an answer.


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