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The Eureka Times - 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

31st August 2004

Welcome to this the second edition of The Eureka Times, which is our attempt to keep you up to date with developments in the long journey that has to be undertaken in order to bring a ready to run, injection moulded locomotive to market.


The Design Drawing Phase

The current state of play with both the 620/720 railmotors and the AD60 Garratt is similar in that both models are well into their design phases.  Design drawings for the railmotors are due for completion in about six weeks whilst ten weeks should see the completion of the design drawings for the Garratt.

The design drawing phase is from Eureka Model’s point of view the most critical phase as it is in this phase that most of the fundamental parameters of the models are determined. The accuracy of the finished model will be established in this phase as will its key operating features. At the completion of this phase the design drawings are required to be signed of by Eureka Models and so at that stage the characteristics of the model are largely set.  Once this is done work commences on the tooling to produce the model as it appears in the design drawings.


620 CAD
Preliminary design drawings for the 620
Note the dual speakers.......

Once the design drawings reach a certain stage it is possible to generate a 3D image of the model. The 620/720s have reached this stage and the accompanying image was recently received from the manufacturer. The principal purpose of this image is to show the intended location of all the components and satisfy the designers (and Eureka Models) that everything will fit together. In the process an overall impression of how the model will look is created. 

The image is quite interesting but it should be noted that this is only a preliminary design at this stage and that the final model may be different.

More Photos Please

A recent email from the manufacturer pointed out that we had not supplied any photos of the interior roofs of the railmotors. My initial thoughts were, “well why would you”, but then I remembered that the specifications called for interior detail. By this I had thought of a bit of seating here and there but it appears that the manufacturer may want to detail at least the driver's compartment roofs so of we went to collect some appropriate photos.  It will be interesting when we receive the drawings.


Minimum Radius

The most frequently asked question concerns the minimum radius both models and the Garratt in particular will negotiate.

The answer to this question is that this is one of the features that will be determined in the design phase and we will not know the answer until that phase is completed.
However, the manufacturer has in the past made its models and tested them on a large test facility that incorporates 15” radius curves. In my discussions with the design engineers I stated that a 24” minimum would be acceptable but in any event the dimensions of the prototype were to be strictly adhered too. (The August issue of Model Railroader reviews a SP cab forward that in order to negotiate smaller radius curves was lengthened overall by 3 scale feet and had the wheel spacings changed.)
Brass models of the AD60 accurately followed the prototype's dimensions and are able to negotiate 20” curves. My thoughts are that this would be more than acceptable but we won't know until the completion of the design phase.

The 620/720 railmotors will not have the same limitations as the Garratt and should be okay on sharp curves but again the design phase will tell.



Provision is being made for at least two different set numbers in each of the colour schemes of the railmotors.   The Garratt will have at least two model numbers in addition to the four already announced.

We intend to conduct a poll early next year amongst all those who have ordered models to determine what is the most favoured numbers. The post popular numbers in each category will be the ones that we do. 



One quite pleasing development that has arisen following the announcement of the AD60 has been the number of ex-drivers who have come forward with stories of their experiences when driving Garratts.

Some stories are most amusing but all give an insight into what it must have been like to be at the controls of one of these heavy goods engines whilst in the employ of the NSWGR.



We are getting plenty of feedback and comments mostly by email which we appreciate very much. I try to answer all emails as quickly as possible but inevitable some replies are delayed. My apologies for this but there are only so many hours in each day so hang on and you will get an answer.


Liverpool Model Railway Exhibition

Eureka Models will be at the Liverpool exhibition in October this year. Look for us next to the Austrains stand. 



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