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The Eureka Times - 1st Edition

1st Edition

July 2004

Welcome to the Eureka Models Web site and this, the first issue of what is planned to be a regular communication through which the latest news and views concerning Eureka Models can be disseminated.  I hope that this newsletter will be a way of keeping readers informed of the journey that has to be undertaken in order to make even the simplest model available to the follower of the NSWGR.


The Story So far

Those familiar with the story so far will know that Eureka Models came into existence when John Eassie as one of the proprietors of Austrains, after several years of being constantly pestered by myself (and others) to produce a 44 class diesel, in a fit of desperation said "if you want a 44 class then do the bloody thing yourself" or words to that effect.  He then went on to add, "I will even introduce you to the people in China who can do it for you".  This started the process rolling and with much help freely given by John, Eureka Models came into being with the sole aim of producing a 44 class diesel.
As fate would have it another supplier was at the same time independently working on plans to produce a 44 from the same manufacturer in China.  As the Chinese firm now has a policy of not producing the same model for different clients and as it would be a poor business decision to bring two models of the same locomotive onto the market together, Eureka made the logical decision to abandon its plans for a 44 class.

However, as is often the case as one door closes another opens and the work done on the 44 and the relationships with the Chinese manufacturers established in the process led to the decision by Eureka to commission the production of a different locomotive. 
The accompanying pages indicate the models that were selected in the deliberations which followed. 


The AD60

 This will be the largest and the most ambitious ready to run locomotive project ever undertaken for the Australian prototype market.

 In terms of complexity, number of detail parts involved and cost, this is a large project even by international standards.  The Chinese manufacturer is the same firm that has produced all of the excellent Austrain locomotives to date.  This firm incidentally, is one of the top model railway manufacturers in the world and currently produces about 60% of the world's output of model railway equipment including models for the leading brands in the US and Europe.

 For a number of reasons the manufacturer has indicated that they are determined to produce in the AD60 a model which will be the equal of any model  produced for the HO market worldwide to date so Eureka is looking forward to a fine locomotive for followers of Australian prototype.


The 620/720 Railmotors

 The 620/720 railmotors may well find themselves over-shadowed by the Garratt project, however the attraction of this series of railmotors lies not only in the cars themselves but also from a manufacturing point of view what can be done as a follow on.  The tooling for the 620/720s is being done in a way so that if there is ever to be a second run produced then the 600/700 and the 900 sets can be produced from the same tooling. This results in considerable cost saving. 400 class and CPH railmotors could follow if demand warrants.



Many years ago in a different forum I said that what I required from a model locomotive was accuracy, quality and good running performance.  This will be Eureka's aim and I also hope that much of what Eureka Models does in the future will be in response to the continuing demands of those who follow the NSWGR for such qualities in their models. 
Feedback, comments, grizzles etc will be most welcome with email being the best medium.  It is my intention to answer all such communications as time permits although it will be standard policy to consign any abusive messages immediately to the garbage tin.


Over to you


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