Re-run target delivery date: Early 2014

In both Streamlined and Non-Streamlined Versions

C3827 Production Model


HO scale NSWGR C38 Class will feature:

Optional Sound!

Sound equiped models include factory fitted DCC chip Model,
including sound effects, will operate with both DCC and standard 12v DC
Non sound equiped models are DCC ready NMRA wheel profiles Kadee
Kadee trademark logo compatible couplers All wheel pick-up
ABS Boiler and Tender Body Detailed cab including crew

The first run comprises:

3801 Lined Green (Sold out)

3801 Lined Black (Sold Out)

3801 Grey (Sold out)

3803 Lined Black (Sold Out)

3805 Lined Green (Sold Out)

3809 Lined Black (Sold out)

3813 Lined Green/Black smokebox (Sold Out)

3820 Lined Black (Sold Out)

3827 Lined Green (Sold Out)


3830 (As Preserved) Lined Green – Sold Out


The second run comprises:

3804 in Black 3806 in Green 3807 in Royal Train Black livery

All variations are available with factory fitted
sound and/or optional factory weathering

C3801 Black

C3805 Green

C3827 Production Model

C3801 Black

C3805 Green