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NSWGR RSH 4 Wheel Hoppers

Target Delivery Date: Late 2013

Avaliable in Packs of Four

RSH 4 Wheel Hopper

In both standard RSH version and the fertiliser livery variation.

The first of several variations based, as was the prototype on the underframe for our hugely popular LCH/CCH.

RSH 4 Wheel Hopper - Pack Types

RSH 4 wheel hopper - pack of 4

Coming soon!

RSH 4 wheel hopper - pack of 4 - fertiliser livery

Coming soon!


Eureka Models - RSH 4 Wheel Hoppers - Pricing

Price if fully paid before 30 September, 2013


Price after 30 September, 2013


Postage - if required


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RSH Flyer

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