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NSWGR NTAF 10,000 Gallon Bogie Oil Tanker

Target Delivery Date: Second Half 2013

Avaliable in Packs of Three


HO scale NTAF Bogie Oil Tankers features:

NMRA wheel profiles
Kadee compatible couplers

NTAF Bogie Oil Tanker

Featuring the WW2 DOD 40 foot tank on a 6" welded underframe as rebuilt after WW2.
Available in post 1980 NTAF coding and pre-1980 oil company coding.
Our NTAF will come in packs of three and will be available in six oil company liveries and in standard black.


Avalilable in six company liveries in packs of 3:

Pack Number:


Pack NT1

Bogie Oil Tank Pack No.1.
(1 x Ampol, 1 x Esso, 1 x Black)

Pack NT2

Bogie Oil Tank Pack No. 2.
(1 x Golden Fleece, 1 x BP, 1 x Black)

Pack NT3

Bogie Oil Tank Pack No. 3.
(1 x Mobil, 1 x Shell, 1 x Black)

Pack NT4

Bogie Oil Tank Pack No. 4
(3 x Black - full coding.)


Price Per Pack


Factory Weathering - Optional Extra





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NTAF Oil Tanker Flyer

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