The Eureka Gallery is a collection of our favourite photos collected over the almost twenty years that Eureka Model has been in operation.
Photos be they modelling or prototype can be a great source of encouragement to our modelling endeavours and it is hoped that
this gallery will be a source of such inspiration. They are mostly, but not exclusively of models produced by Eureka Models.

This photo is significant for two reasons. To start, it is the first photo of a Eureka Models item to be published and second, it is timely because a re-run of the popular 620/720 set is currently underway.

This photo is a favorite for two reasons. To start, it features the first two models produced by Eureka Models, the 620/720 2 car diesel sets and the AD60 class Garrett and secondly the photo is the work of Ray Pilgram. The photo was the first of many taken on Ray’s superb home model railway, “Bylong” and was just one of many taken by Ray over the years to inspire us all.