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NSWGR 50 Class Locomotive

Target Delivery Date: 2015


Update: 25-July-2015:

Updated 50 Class order form


Update: 2-October-2014:

QSI has delivered the sound boards for the 50 class. This has allowed assembly work on the 50 class to commence and the factory has quoted an April, 2015 delivery date.


Update: 9-August-2013:

          Running samples of the 50 class arrived in June and have undergone extensive checking and testing since then. The superheated version has had a DCC decoder fitted and has been under-going load tests and general running tests on several layouts. The overwhelming view is that the running qualities are superb. Operation is very smooth at low speed and both samples had no trouble lifting 15 bogie wagons up a 1 in 40 grade and 10 bogie wagons up a 1 in 33 grade.
A running sample has now been sent to QSI along with sound files so that the sound decoder can be prepared.  This process will decide the ultimate delivery date of the 50 class project, however at the June meeting at the factory delivery dates were discussed. The factory asked whether we wanted delivery before or after Chinese New Year which is in February. When the factory was asked did it matter they replied that it certainly did and that we would get better models if they were assembled before Chinese New Year due to the fact that after the long Chinese New Year break the factory had to train many new workers to replace the many staff who did not return after the break. What was that about Friday and Monday cars? The target date for delivery of the 50 class is therefore 1st quarter, 2014..
As previously advised the first production run of the 50 class will involve a minimum size run. This will allow a re-run to be commissioned earlier than would normally be expected. This first re-run of the standard goods will involve production of the 53 class along with further 50 class units including alternative tenders. (Tenders will be made available separately) The 53 class is expected in 2015 and will be followed by further re-runs which will include the SMR 10 class and the 55 class as variants of the 50 class.


50 Class - Saturated - with 3650 gal. Tender

5069 and 5096


50 Class - Superheated - with 3650 gal. Tender

Superheated Beyer Peacock:       5063, 5133 and 5165
Superheated North British:        5221, 5263 and 5271





HO scale NSWGR 50 class will feature:

Optional Sound!
NMRA RP25/88 wheel profiles
Detailed cab and crew
Factory fitted sound option Operable on both DC and DCC
All wheel pick-up
Metal Boiler for weight on drivers and ABS Tender body



The Eureka Models 50 class will be available in the following numbers:


5069 and 5096

Superheated Beyer Peacock:

5063, 5133 and 5165

Superheated North British:

5221, 5263 and 5271


All variations will be available with factory fitted sound and/or optional factory weathering



Factory Weathering - Optional Extra


Sound per unit - Optional Extra


Postage - if required



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NSWGR 50 Class Flyer

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